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Show Us Map! 45 Minutes to Build Your Own 3D City Map Server with SUAS MapServer 3

The tranditional 2D Web GIS can not satisfy the people, who are toughing new technique everyday. The 2D map has many better features such as rapid speed, non-client and easy to be implemented, but with the fast renovation of hardware and internet, those features have lost their adventage to 3D map. MSN, Google Map have supported 3D online map and many GIS companies have also released many powerful desktop softwares to help the users to update their 2D data or build 3D model based on forehaved 2D data.

Such as ArcView 3D Analyst:

Show Us Map! 30 Minutes to Build Your Own Map Server with SUAS MapServer 3

Have you used Google Map? Are you potty about its amazing and powerful functions? Would you like to have one such map server, even you are not a Giser or just know a little bit of GIS technique.

If you are working in GIS field, and you want to build your map server to deliver your map data, but UMN Map Server is too difficult to install and config, and too complex to use and make you headache. Of course, the UMN Map Server is a nice and strong tools, but you don't wanna wasting time to learn a lot of tutorials before the installation.

Could not deploy project to Tomcat with MyEclipse

Sometimes project can not be deployed to Tomcat with MyEclipse, and met such exception:

XXX could not be redeployed because it could not be completely removed in the undeployment phase. the most common cuase of this problem is attempting to redeploy while the server is running,which has locked one or more files.


1. Check Properties->MyEclipse->Project Facets->Web->Context Root

The value should be same as your current project name.



Java SSH Client

SSHJ was used.


Install 3rd party jar into local maven repository

I have one project which has a dependency that can not retrieve from Maven repository. So I use systemPath to import jar from local.


Oracle spatial SQL remark 1

select z.geom,, z.igds_level_name as tooltip from dsrlkw_data_ds.dsr_gl_dsrline_tb z
where mdsys.sdo_filter(GEOM,
mdsys.sdo_ordinate_array( 361531.1017459362,5717128.381953186,363000.313064419 ,5717800.65743528)),'querytype=window' ) = 'TRUE'


SVN 主干(trunk)、分支(branch )、标记(tag)

主干(trunk)、分支(branch )、标记(tag)



org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not find bundle: org.eclipse.equinox.console

When I followed the tutorial Hello, OSGi, Part 1: Bundles for beginners to build and run my first OSGi application, there was the exception in the console: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not find bundle: org.eclipse.equinox.console



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