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Display Vector layer from GeoServer WFS on OSM with GeoExt&OpenLayers

Supposed that you know what is GeoExt, GeoServer and Openlayers.

GeoServer with geo data under SRS 'EPSG:31467'

Display vector layer from WFS of GeoServer on OSM(Open Street Map).

Can not display vector layer on OSM map, but no problem for displaying vector layer on a normal WMS map.

Codes(only key part) for displaying vector layer on WMS map:

============For WMS=====================

vectorLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector(
"vector"    );

Simple KML: Cocoa parsing library for Keyhole Markup Language(KML)

Simple KML is a simple & lightweight parsing library for KML written in Objective-C for the iOS platform.

It is not meant for drawing, but rather for parsing.
That is, it is up to the developer to turn the data structures returned
by Simple KML into drawing code, be it for annotations in MapKit,
constructs in an external mapping library, drawing paths on a UIImage,
or otherwise.

iPhone Web Map(WMS) Clients

1. WhateverMap allows you to connect to any OGC compliant WMS in iPhone, written in native iOS SDK



How to upload Multiple APK in Android Market

Android Market supports multi APK from July, as Google said, this is good solution help developers manage their products more effectively in Android Market, and help users to avoid compatible problem. I havnt noticed this news until many users complained me that they can not download my app from Google Market, they got "Compatibility Problem", but the app ran well in their devices before July.

List Picker&DropDown List for WP7

Here are some doc&source code for  List Picker&DropDown List in WP7:


Android USB driver for HTC Desire S

In android developing i found Eclipse ADT can not detect my new HTC Desire S, even i have updated the newest USB driver from Google. Someone said it need HTC Sync. But i found it is not necessary, you can find the HTC USB driver here:

HTC Android USB Driver for Microsoft PC

 install and everything works fine!

Optimizing JavaScript code


Optimizing JavaScript code

Authors: Gregory Baker, Software Engineer on GMail & Erik Arvidsson, Software Engineer on Google Chrome

Recommended experience: Working knowledge of JavaScript

Client-side scripting can make your application dynamic and active, but the browser's interpretation of this code can itself introduce inefficiencies, and the performance of different constructs varies from client to client. Here we discuss a few tips and best practices to optimize your JavaScript code.


How to Add Logging to Ant Builds

The Apache Ant build tool is a great aid in automating builds and deployments.
When the build fails, however, diagnosing the problem can be painful -
especially if it only occurs intermittently. Logging details of the Ant
build can therefore be useful.


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