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Java SSH Client

SSHJ was used.


Install 3rd party jar into local maven repository

I have one project which has a dependency that can not retrieve from Maven repository. So I use systemPath to import jar from local.


JBoss or Tomcat, maybe TomEE?

First the facts, neither is better. As you already mentioned, Tomcat provides a servlet container that supports the Servlet specification (Tomcat 7 supports Servlet 3.0). JBoss AS, a 'complete' application server supports Java EE 6 (including Servlet 3.0) in its current version.


SVN Subclipse crashed my Eclipse

Few days ago when I was working with Eclipse (3.2), without any premonition, my eclispe crashed. It only showed me one error windows with unuseful message. Then my nightmare began. Everytime I restart Eclipse, it just crashed with the error windows and I have checked the logs, only found some strange message, does not tell me where is wrong. That is crazy, I did nothing why it crashed. And I tried Eclipse 3.3, the same problem.


Get the right amount number of rows and columns in MySQL with Java

It is strange that there is no direct way to get the amount number of rows of records, when you programming with Java and MySql.  For example, now I get one result from one Sql quering, I can use this way to get the number of records:

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