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navigator.geolocation not work in Android 4.1.2, soulution

One hybrid app with Phonegap 1.9.0 worked fine in Android 3.0 and 4.0, but when I update the OS to 4.1.2, the navigator.geolocation stop working.
Firstly i update the project with new version of phonegap cordova 2.7.0, it does not help. And I found even i test navigator.geolocation in Android native brower, under this demo link:
The gps operation was never be called. And i found many other developers have same problem in new Android OS.

At last I found one solution(not 100%, but at least works now):
My orginal code:

Google Maps is not available on Amazon tablet devices

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Google Maps is not available on Amazon tablet devices, if you need map, Amazon Maps API is required to be migrated.


Sailfish OS

The Sailfish OS is a mobile-optimized operating system, baseed on Linux core, support Qt™ platform, and you can develop Android, QT, and HTML5 app for it.

This new mobile OS will release its first phone in China.

Error "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" At Android 4.1

One of my Android Hybrid HTML5 app does not work now at Android 4.1.0, but it worked fine on 3.0 and 4.0.

The app call one WFS service from other server, this Ajax throw exception:

11-22 14:30:47.062: E/Web Console(734): XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://xxxx Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. at null:1


// yourwebview, i use phonegap here


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