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Route-Me: iOS map library

Route-Me: iOS map library

Route-Me is an open source map library that runs natively on iOS. It's designed to look and feel much like the inbuilt iOS map library, but it's entirely open, and works with any map source.

Currently, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft VirtualEarth, CloudMade, OpenAerialMap, OpenCycleMap, SpatialCloud, TileStream7, and two offline-capable, database-backed formats (DBMap and MBTiles) are supported as map sources.

Simple KML: Cocoa parsing library for Keyhole Markup Language(KML)

Simple KML is a simple & lightweight parsing library for KML written in Objective-C for the iOS platform.

It is not meant for drawing, but rather for parsing.
That is, it is up to the developer to turn the data structures returned
by Simple KML into drawing code, be it for annotations in MapKit,
constructs in an external mapping library, drawing paths on a UIImage,
or otherwise.

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