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New Feature 2.5D Navigation, SUAS MapServer 3.11.0429 beta4 released!

Hi folks,
Thank you for your testing and bug reporting!
New version is released now.

Add Features:
1, 2.5D Navigation
New request name GetMap25D was added as extenstion for WMS, the map can simulate the fake 3D map with looking down angle of view. Now only supports raster image

Here is one Gif file, consisting of maps with different bbox.


SUAS MapServer 3.11.0415 beta3 released!

Hi folks,
Thank you for your testing and bug reporting!
New version is released now.

Add Features:
1. Log management
2. Cache and style defination file management

3. Empty Table function in setting

4. SVGZ output function, without gzip module in PHP


SUAS MapServer 3.11.0407 beta2 released!

Hi folks,
New SUAS MapServer is released.
Thanks a lot for your testing and bug reporting, that helps us a lot to improve the mapserver and find the issues.

Add Features:
1. Cache system, that will speed up the map server more than 30%.
But you need set your cache directory in SUAS root with writable permission.
In Unix or Linux, you could set it command, thanks karabas .
chown -R apache cache
chmod -R 777 cache


SUAS MapServer 3.11.0401 beta1 released!

Hi, folks,
I am pleasure to announce here that the new SUAS MapServer is released.

Add Features:
1, MapInfo MIF DataInput

Fix Bugs:
1, the outputted map is displayed conversely when input SHP files as data.
2,Parameters for requests is case sentitive
3,If BBox parameter are logical wrong, for example, BBOX=0,0,-1,-1, the process goes on


SUAS MapServer, Web Coverage Service on the way

Hi folkers,
SUAS MapServer 3.10.0218 beta2 is under testing, and we have fixed many bugs.
And thanks Prof. Behr for the testing and we are also concerning on the new Feature: Web Coverage Service.
It is the sister of WMS and WFS, which focuses on dilivering raster image. We have finished the embryo.


SUAS MapServer 3.10.0218 beta2 released!

Hi, folks,
After 3 Months' hardwork, I 'd like to enounce here that the new version of SUAS MapServer 3.10.0218 beta2 is released today!
Please help us to test it and find the bugs.

The new Version has such new features:
1, WMS:

2, WFS:

3, User can Input Shapefiles and DBF files as data source.

4, Style Layer Defination, User defined layer style, you could edit the style for each layer, colour, stroke, opercity, size, font and so on.


From Dec. 2006 To Now

From Dec. 2006 To Now
I am developing the new version of PHPMyWMS, new features and more powerful. Please be patient to wait.


SUAS MapServer (PHPMyWMS), version 3.10 online Demo for Test!

Hi, folks,

SUAS MapServer 3.10.0218 beta1 is now prereleased for Test!
From now, PHPMyWMS is renamed as SUAS MapServer, the name SUAS comes from Stuttgart University Applied Science, it sounds also like [sju:as] "Show Us".

Please visit to test it.
But not all features are finished, if you find the bad link, that means the function has not been finished.
All ready finished:


GPSPHOTO Tracker Release 1.02.0129

Hi folks,

Here is the new version of GPSPHOTO Tracker 1.02.0129.

Fix Bug:
If there is no BOUNDS tag in Gpx file, the boundary box of the tracking could use the minimum and maximum value of the lat&lon array as the boundary box. Otherwise the goole map can not be displayed without the boundary box parameter.

Notice, open config.php and change the google map key as yours own.

$GLOBALS['googlekeylocal']='yours google map key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!';<


News Nov. 25 2006

Nov. 25 2006
EasyWMS uses Drupal CMS as site manager system. Cool and flexible!



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