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SVN Subclipse crashed my Eclipse

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Few days ago when I was working with Eclipse (3.2), without any premonition, my eclispe crashed. It only showed me one error windows with unuseful message. Then my nightmare began. Everytime I restart Eclipse, it just crashed with the error windows and I have checked the logs, only found some strange message, does not tell me where is wrong. That is crazy, I did nothing why it crashed. And I tried Eclipse 3.3, the same problem.

Error retrieving feature.xml in Eclipse--Using Software Updates and then Find and install

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If you are using Eclispe, maybe you will meet such error after you have installed a Eclipse plugin:
Error retrieving "feature.xml". [error in opening zip file]
When you open Help->Software Updates->Find and install to install a new plugin, this error will cause that you can not install the new one. What is the problem?
Do you remember how did you install the last Eclipse plugin? I guess you download the package and unzip or just put it into Eclipse's directory, without using the Software Updates tool in Help menu in Eclipse.

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