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Offline mobile HTML5 map client

Collecting some research for Offline mobile HTML5 map client.

1. Research one

Phonegap + Leaflet + TileMill = Offline Mobile Maps  

Use different Symbol style in one layer (Geoserver)

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I have one layer in Geoserver, the data query is one table with geometry, there is one column named 'TYPE', which has 3 different type: 'rest', 'park', 'hotel'.
I need set 3 different color for this layer depends on 'TYPE', so custom SLD style should be defined in Geoserver like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

Simple KML: Cocoa parsing library for Keyhole Markup Language(KML)

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Simple KML is a simple & lightweight parsing library for KML written in Objective-C for the iOS platform.

It is not meant for drawing, but rather for parsing.
That is, it is up to the developer to turn the data structures returned
by Simple KML into drawing code, be it for annotations in MapKit,
constructs in an external mapping library, drawing paths on a UIImage,
or otherwise.

iPhone Web Map(WMS) Clients

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1. WhateverMap allows you to connect to any OGC compliant WMS in iPhone, written in native iOS SDK


Some Andorid WMS clients

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1. gvSIG Mini is a free viewer of many On/Offline Maps:
- OpenStreetMap
- Yahoo
- Microsoft Bing
- Google Maps
- Ordnance Survey (UK)
- Yandex (RU)
- etc

It also has interesting features, such as:
- WMS & WMS-C Client
- Route calculation
- Address/POI search
- Share location (twitter, SMS, e-mail, facebook, ...)
- GPS, cell & WiFi location
- Navigation mode
- Compass support
- Street View integration
- Layer configuration downloader
- QuickZoom: SlideBar or DoubleTap
- Android 2.1 support (now from 1.5 up to 2.1)

Use WMS GetCapabilities XML+XSL+Javascript to create simple map client

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The Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) includes both a transformation language and a formatting language. Each of these, naturally enough, is an XML application. The transformation language provides elements that define rules for how one XML document is transformed into another XML document.
The transformed XML document may use the markup and DTD of the original document, or it may use a completely different set of elements. In particular, it may use the elements defined by the second part of XSL, the formatting objects.

SUAS MapServer with Mobile Client IV

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WMS Tiling Client Recommendation from OSGEO details extensions to and constraints on the OGC WMS 1.1.1 specification for the
purpose of (a) improving the quality and scalability of tiled maps, particularly
on the Web, and (b) making it possible to cache the results of tiled WMS

SUAS MapServer with Mobile Client III

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10, WMS Browser
Developed by Tom Vijlbrief, you can download this application from
It is one OGC WMS map browser client with bluetooth and internal GPS support, if you have no GPS, it is a nice WMS client. You could give the WMS GetMap request url and browse the WMS map.

SUAS MapServer with Mobile Client II

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3, MapBrowser & MobileMap

SUAS MapServer with Mobile Client I

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I assumed that you have some basical Web Map Server knowledge to read this article, some terms I have not explained here to save time.

One year ago I developed MoWMS as my Master Thesis and I began my programming way thanks to the mobile map viewer client for Web Map Server. Programers have always such feeling that you will find your old code very simple and crude after some period of time, yes, I found my old client has many problems in structure and a bad user capability to interact with WMS--it can not load the map from WMS dynamically!


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