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Happy Chinese New Year for Everyone Here!!!

Hi, everyone who visits my site today, happy chinese new year!
Today is chinese New Year's Eve, And tomorrow is chinese Pig Year~~
Pig in Germany means lucky, in China also means prosperity and happiness.

And I wish you  and your family, your lover will be happy, peace and health in the new year!!!!


My little brother-in-low's diary in London

Only ten years old, I can't believe that this diary is from my little brother in London. He has just been there for only 3 months, I cant image that. When I was his old, I can just say few english words,"How old are you" and so so. :)

Dear diary,
Today is a wonderful day, because we had the ‘Blessing of the crib’. Yesterday, our school had been decorated beautifully, and I was surprised because in China, our school haven’t been decorated like this ever. Moving through one section to another, you can see many Christmas trees and things about it. Also it was like a dream, because the school changed just in one night.

My 1st blog

Hehe, this is my first blog after one whole day's hard working of configuration of this site. After the birth of EasyWMS in June, I was always bothered by the two things, doing projects and maintain the homepage. I have no time and energy to create hundreds of document of several projects for this site, whiling I am still considering the programming issues. That is a boring task :jawdrop:

So I am looking for one phptool, which could manager the blog, forum and pubish article easily, and I found CMS, Content Managerment System. At first I tried Typo3, but it is not compatible with MySQL4. Drupal is a very nice CMS, which has pretty interface, strong functions and funny plugins, they were called as Modules. Not advertisement, the CMS help me a lot to pull me out of the tough maintaince of website.

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