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Creating a Virtual Windows Phone 8 Development Environment

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Just follow the steps in the tutorials, the most important thing is editing your your_vm_name.vmx and append the items:

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"
mce.enable = "TRUE"

These options that you provide tell your VMware configuration not to report to the Hyper-V that it's running in a virtual machine


List Picker&DropDown List for WP7

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Here are some doc&source code for  List Picker&DropDown List in WP7:

Downgrade .net Framework to CF 2.0

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I have one project with .net framework 3.5, now i need to downgrade the framework version to 2.0.
But i can not find how to do this in Visual Studio 2008.

So i found this:
find your projectname.csproj, open it with text editor and find:

change it to 2.0 and open the project, fix the compile error. Easy.....

About how to roll back from VS2008 project to VS2005 project, refer to please:

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