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SUAS MapServer 3.21.1213 beta1 released!

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SUAS MapServer 3.21.1213 beta1 released!

Hi folks,
After half year of silence, I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.21.1213 beta1 has the following new features:

1, Arcinfo E00 data importing
Now you can import E00 data into database.

2, not too much new features, I have improved the user capabilities and the interface, the lovely button in the above image is one example. Javascript was heavily used to do that.

I am preparing to build one user system for SUAS MapServer. Based on the SUAS new feature survey, Postgre database takes the first place, and then more data formats, but I can not implement Postgre right now, before I have finished building the user system.

In next version, install and setting will be separated totally, installation will be run only once, as most CMS or forum system do. With the user system, user can create his own Atlas, which could contain different map layers. He can publish the map, or share with others'.


Fixed main bugs:
1, fixed tons of bugs


1, E00 file, AutoCAD Dxf import
2, DXF AutoCAD import
3, PostGIS database support
4, WFS: GetGmlObject, and Transaction request, user can use mapInfo WFS service to modify the data in database directly.
5, WCS service
6, Database backup function
7, 2.5D vector map support
8, GetThematicMap request
9, User system
10, Multi data import with Ajax

The source code can be download here, suas3_21_1213_beta1

Enjoy and do not forget to report the bugs!