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SUAS MapServer 3.20.0625 beta2 released!

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SUAS MapServer 3.20.0625 beta2 released!

Hi folks,
I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.20.0625 beta2 has the following new features:

1,  SVG Map Viewer

Using the SVG WMS viewer from, now SUAS map server has SVG map viewer. Please go to Map Viewers in Demo page, you will find Carto SVG Viewer in the bottom.

Pan, Zoom, position and overview basic functions are being included.

2, SUAS MapServer Client

Ajax is used in this client, once the WMS server is given, the WMS parameters will be got though Ajax. Momently only SVG format is suppoted, later will support more format. Prototype and SVG WMS viewer from have been used. You can edit the mapserver address as yours, please open suas_root/Plugin/suasclient/server.html, find "<option value="">choose wms server</option>", and edit your WMS server list in the option.

Fixed main bugs:
1, KML output index problem for points geometry
2, X3D, KML lineString geometry model building error
3, MySQL id column value can not be null
4, Attribute XML can not has single quote

1, E00 file, AutoCAD Dxf input
2, PostGIS database support
3, WFS: GetGmlObject, and Transaction request, user can use mapInfo WFS service to modify the data in database directly.
4, SVG map viewer client, user could interact with MapServer
5, WCS service
6, Database backup function
7, 2.5D vector map support
8, GetThematicMap request

The source code can be download here, suas3_20_0625_beta2

Enjoy and do not forget to report the bugs!