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SUAS MapServer 3.20.0609 beta1 released!

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SUAS MapServer 3.20.0609 beta1 released!

Hi folks,
I am happy to release the new version of SUAS here.
3.20.0609 beta1 has the following new features:

1,totally new interface, better user capabilities, easily to operate and understand.

Process Bar, SRS layer notice, and new menu

2. X3D and KML support, you can build you 3D city map on google Earth

3. Data delete, new version check up,

Fixed main bugs:
Many, cant be listed here. :)

1, E00 file, AutoCAD Dxf input
2, PostGIS database support
3, WFS: GetGmlObject, and Transaction request, user can use mapInfo WFS service to modify the data in database directly.
4, SVG map viewer client, user could interact with MapServer
5, WCS service
6, Database backup function
7, 2.5D vector map support
8, GetThematicMap request

The source code can be download here, suas3_20_0609_beta1

The document for that I will add this week, enjoy and do not forget to report the bugs to me!