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Introduction of Open Source EasyWMS projects

  SUAS MAP Server 4  

SUAS Map Server 4 is the update version of SUAS Map Server 3, but more than a update version.


  SUAS MAP Server 3 (PHPMyWMS)  

The name SUAS MapServeri comes from Stuttgart University Applied Science, it sounds also like [sju:as] "Show Us". The former name of SUAS MapServer is PHPMyWMS.

This open source map server publishes geodata according to OGC's WMS 1.1.1 specification. Currently, the server supports the WMS requests: GetMap, GetCapabilities and GetFeatureInfo.

The solution is based on open source tools, i.e. Apache web server, PHP with libraries, MySQL database together with phpMyAdmin and Ajax, XML.



 Mobile SVGT WMS Client is a free application that can interact with Web Map Service and display the SVGT, SVG or SVGB vector format maps and PNG raster format maps on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices, which conform to J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.


 GPSPHOTO Tracker 

  GPSPHOTO Tracker can synchronize a GPS tracklog data (GPX) with the timestamps from the image Exif metadata of digital photos to locate the position where the photos were taken, and visualizes the route with photos in Google Map. This tool can write GPS Exif metadata, for example, latidude, longitude, altitude and other requested additional metadata into the JPEG TIFF Photo. And more, it can track the GPX route and the GPSPhotos seprately, supporting KML and GML XML document outputting.


 QGPSCal is a J2ME application which can be run on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices, which conform to  J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1.
This software can perform such calculation:
 1. Convert value among degree in decimal, degree in degree&minute, and degree in degree&minute&second
 2. Convert value between Longitude&latitude and UTM coordinate