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GPSPHOTO Tracker Release 1.01.1220

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GPSPHOTO Tracker Release 1.01.1220

Hi, guys
Sorry for this delaying of software package publishing. Too many things left to do at the end the year.

Here is the source code of GPSPHOTO Tracker Release 1.01.1220.
Require nothing but PHP5!
Download it and unpack to your webhost root(anywhere), Open config.php and find such code:

Change the googlekay as yours own key, you can apply it in google!

And run index.php to enjoy it.

In this package contains the PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit version 1.1.1 from
It is the toolkit to edit the metadata information in the JPEG image, of course including GPS metadata. Thank Evan to bring us the nice tool!

Now Gpsphoto tracker can parse the track points "trk"----a list of tracks. There are 3 different kinds of points' collections in GPX file:
1,"trk"----a list of tracks,
        trk represents a track - an ordered list of points describing a path.
2,"rte"----A list of routes
        rte represents route - an ordered list of waypoints representing a series of turn points leading to a destination.
3,"wpt"----A list of waypoints.
        wpt represents a waypoint, point of interest, or named feature on a map.

Getting more detail information please visit

Next version will extend the capability to parse the other 2 trackpoints.
And naturally I will  improve the data upload interface, it is rough and not friend in this version.


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