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Problems on installing Suas on Vista

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Problems on installing Suas on Vista


i've problems installing the suas map server 4.
After entering the path to the installation directory i get only the following error line:

"Parse error. syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\....\suas4\models\ on line 538"

I've nothing changed in any files except the php.ini. (only the lines mentioned in the documentation)

my environment is:
windows vista business edition, service pack 1
apache 2.2.12
mysql 5.1.37
php 5.3.0
perl 5.10.0

I would be pleased to get any help,
greetz, sunix


hi, you got problem in this page?:
in the step of 'Database Access'?

this error seems that php file has syntax error, maybe the file is not complete, can you use svn version from google code?


A php classes can only be within one <?php and ?> tags. A class can not be distributed in multiple php tags.
(maybe under Vista this happens, XP system has no such probem)

I have upload the new source to

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