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Problems installing SUAS map server in XP

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Problems installing SUAS map server in XP

I am following EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED the installation procedure suggested in "30 Minutes to Build Your Own Map Server with SUAS MapServer 3" but unfortunatly without success.

When I perform the last step "Please select one viewer to browse the map", the only response I get is the contains of an XML document in my browser, instead of the expected map. It seems that the viewer does not recognize the map server data it receives.

I double-checked the and repeated the whole procedure but no luck.

Has anybody other encountered the same problems ?


which version are you using? v3 or v4?
please download v4 and the tutorial here:

mharsalan (not verified)

Dear All,

I am a new user of SUAS Mapserver. I tried to install it as per instruciton. After coping suas4 files and folder in your described folder, I accessed the the folder through http. I always found an error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\xampp\xampp\htdocs\suas4\models\ on line 538

How can I proceed with this error.

I also tried the version 3 but at installation of Map Server it gives an error web link not found.

Please guide me how can I explore further with this software.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Ganesh (not verified)

I get the following error while installing SUAS Version 4 on Windows XP.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\suas\models\ on line 538

Help me please!!! I can’t remember which button I pressed but I remember I attend to press ctrl+s to save souce code.After I press button my source code editor(VS2005) has points instead space.


A php classes can only be within one <?php and ?> tags. A class can not be distributed in multiple php tags.
(maybe under Vista this happens, XP system has no such probem)

I have upload the new source to

sahi (not verified)

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