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Database Install

1. Access Database

Please input your database user name and password. If you are logining in your localhost server, the user name is default as root, or the name you created when you installed MySQL. If you use the remote host and you dont know it, you should ask your host supporter to get the database user name and password. Invalid username and password will be refused.

2. Database Setting
After successfully login, you can select one database, actually it is schema in MySQL database, where you will put the data into.

If you have installed PHPMyWMS before, you can choose one database, but if it is the first time to install, good idea is to create one new database. Because PHPMyWMS will create tables in your old database, if you dont want to disrange your old database, please create a new one.

But if you are using the remote host server, maybe you have no authority to create the new database or create the database directly by using SUAS install toolkit. Your create database function will be locked like this:

Or you will meet such error:


Some hosts support theirs own interfaces through web page to create new database, please ask your host supporters. And make sure that you have all the privileges of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, LOCK TABLES, at best you have the full authority to modify the database.

2. Table Settings
Maybe there are some old tables in your database, you can use them. Select one table and go to check.

Please compare the Fields of standard table and selected table below. You should make sure that the Field Name and Field Type must be the same.

 If all the fields are with same name and type, please click next; if they are different, please click back to select other talbe or create new table.

If there is no satisfied table you can create a new one with table prefix. The new created table will have name: wms_featuregeometry.

The Installation toolkit will check your inputted value before  you send it, and if the value is not validate, you can not continue until you change it.