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Server Requirements

Now in your suas dictionary you will find two folders, install and setting.
It is strongly recommanded that you had better rename them as what you want, in oder to keep your website safe.
For example, install_urname, setting_urname. 
Link to http://yoursite/install_urname/install.php to check your server requirements.

SUAS MapServer has a number of minimum requirements for installation.

These requirements will be checked, and once satisfied you will be able to continue with the installation process.

At least you should have PHP5 and MySQL5 work in your server, otherwise you will meet exception and can not continue.

Please make sure that the cache and SLD directory is writable, if not,
1 . Under Unix or Linux, please chmod this directory to 777 with command, for example:

chown -R apache SLD
chmod -R 777 SLD

2 . Under Windows OS, please change the directory permissions to writable to allow server writing

The other extentions are optional, if there is a lack of them, the installation can be still continued. But I suggest that you'd better open those extentions in php.ini, SUAS MapServer needs them to process more functions, for example, raster image or Flash outputting, SVG inputting, and so on.