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Install SUAS

  1. Open php.ini, and find such variant "error_reporting" and set it's value as this "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE". This will avoid that the PHP prints all the harmless warings, notices in the page, that could cause the interrupt of processing of software. Only showing us the errors is enough, please close the notice and waring.
  2. If you have your own webserver in localhost, and supposed that your Apache server folder is in your_system_disk:/Apache, please find htdocs folder, and copy the whole suas folder into your_system_disk:/Apache/htdocs/ .

    After installation, brower the following link http://localhost/suas/index.html to test.
  3. If you use webserver in other hosts, for example,
    please upload the
    suas folder into the root dictionary of your website. If you don't know the abstract root path of Apache, please ask your server suplier.

    After installation, brower the following link http:// to test.

             And you will see such index page when successful.