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 Apache 2.0.54 or later
 Http server to build your web server

 MySQL 5.0.16 or later
 to create your database, using WKT format to store geometries

 PHP 5.05 or later
 is used as developing and excuting language

 GD library
 for raster image, PNG, JPEG, GIF and WBMP generating

 LibXML library
 for parsing XML data with PHP


 phpMyAdmin 2.7.0 or later
 It is strongly recommanded to install to manage your database

 PHP Extensions:

 MING library
 for SWF image generating

 PDF library
 for PDF image generating

 Expat library
 for XML parsing using PHP

 parsing the DBF file when inputting Shapefile data


 PDFLib PHP Class to produce PDF file without PHP5's PDF library

Please refer to the official homepage of each software for the installation and confifuration.
For the using of  PHP Extensions:
1. If you have your own server, please open php.ini, find and delete the "magic semicolon" before the modules's line, to let the extensions loaded automatically. For example:

;extension=php_gd2.dll --> extension=php_gd2.dll
--> extension=php_dbase.dll
;extension=php_ming.dll --> extension=php_ming.dll
;extension=php_pdf.dll --> extension=php_pdf.dll

2. If you use the server supported by other web supporter, please contact them to open those extensions.

3. For ROS PDF Lib, please download it from homepage ROS PDF Lib. Create one folder named "" (without quotation mark) in phpmywms dictionary, and unzip all the files into foleder "".