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  • GetCapabilities
  • GetMap
  • GetFeatureInfo
  • DescribeLayer
  • GetLegendGraphic
  • GetStyles


  • GetCapabilities
  • DescribeFeatureType
  • GetFeature
  • GetGmlObject
  • Transaction

  . SVG, SVGT, PNG, PDF, GIF, JPEG, WBMP map producing with MySQL database
  . For PNG,PDF,GIF,JPEG,WBMP format, support Text, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Line, Multi-line, Polygon, Polyline, Closepath types of Geometry
  . Software Installation and configuration with user interface
  . Input SVG, CSV, Shape files as data source into database
  . Support files size more than 2 Mbyte uploading
  . Basic user interface for map viewing
  . OGC's WMS 1.1.1 Specification
  .Using WKT format in MySQL to store geometries

And many others.....