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Need help with finding shortest path

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Need help with finding shortest path

Hello everybody

I am developing a Web Based GIS for location services which will allow a user to select a raster map from a list and certain category of location services. The system will then locate the location services on the raster map in the form of polygons.

So far I have successfully developed the portion mentioned above using PHP for programming and MapInfo MIF files as the source of coordinates information.

But now I need to implement a module that would take from the a user a start and end point on a map and then draw the paths (either shortest or all possible) between those two points.

I have MIF files that contain all the paths of a single map. I need help for dynamically drawing the paths between the start and end point.



Hi, I have just saw your post, sorry {}:)}
Maybe you have finished the function. I know one simple algorithm called "A* Algorithm" (A Star Algorithm). It could be implemented in PHP relative easily.



I somehow managed to get an open source code of A* Algorithm in Flash Action script and modified it according to my requirements and it worked fine.


great, is your project open source? If you can release some part of core code here will be welcome {:)}

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