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J2ME Application Icon sizes for Devices (T)

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Wondering about correct size of application icons for mobile devices?

Here is the list :-)

Application Icon sizes
From J2me wiki

Many phones use many different size icons to display next to the
applications name. Please add to and edit this list when you can
confirm exactly what the maximum icon size is for a specific phone.

NOTE: Many sellers, especially the operators, insist on an
application having a build with the correct icon size in it for every
phone that can show icons. This is a serious cause of resource
fragmentation but an operator test lab WILL turn down a build just
because it has an incorrect icon size. So this stuff is important !

Table of contents
1 Nokia
2 Motorola
3 Palm
4 Sony Ericsson
5 Sharp
6 Samsung
7 Vodafone Japan
8 Sagem
9 Sanyo
10 Siemens
11 LG

UPDATE: See the following URL at! Using Icons in MIDlets (

It contains detailed info about Series40 and S60 Icons sizes.
Extremely useful. I've added the digest of the info of the document
below. - Thygrrr

* Series 90 - for small size: 25 * 20, for medium/large size: 64 * 50

* Series 80 - Application icon: 64 * 50

* Series 40 - 128x128=16x16, 128x160=24x24, 208x208=46x46, 240x320=46x48

* Series 30 - 16x16.

* 7650/3650 32x32

* S60 1st and 2nd - 176x208=42x29, 352x416=76x76

* S60 3rd - 176x208=31x31, 208x176=37x37, 352x416=76x76, 240x320=53x53/55x55, 320x240=52x52/54x54, 208x208=37x37

* N90 : 84x58 (empirical result)


* Most MIDP 2.0 - 15x15, PNG, 1bpp, 4bpp, 8pbb, (even 24bpp)

A transparency palette entry will render as gray. (Not sure about alpha channels.)

Many Motorola phones will only display the MIDlet Suite icon and
not the individual MIDlet icon. Linux OS phones will display either. To
specify the MIDlet Suite icon, set the MIDlet-Icon attribute in the JAD

MIDlet-Icon: /test.png

The following idividual MIDlet icon attribute will not display on these phones:

MIDlet-1: HelloMidlet, /test.png, hello.HelloMidlet

MIDlet icons can also be placed on the Idle App for one-click access
to MIDlets when personalizing the phone softkeys. These icons must be
static 33x33 GIF, and animated 41x41 GIF. These are stored in the JAR
and the following attribute must be added to the JAD:

Mot-MIDlet-Idle-Icon: static icon file name in JAR, animated icon file name in JAR

If these icons don't exist in the JAR, or the JAD attribute is
missing, the user can still personalize his phone for one-click access
to a MIDlet, but the icon will be a default, generic Java icon.

Q. - I have 2 Midlets in the my midlet suite. How can I create
different icons for the Midlets and Midlet Suite? How will they be

A. - Set your MIDlet-1 and MIDlet-Icon attributes in the JAD file and MANIFEST.MF file like below:

MIDlet-Icon: /test.png
MIDlet-1: HelloMidlet1, /test_1.png, hello.HelloMidlet
MIDlet-2: HelloMidlet2, /test_2.png, hello.HelloMidlet

In this example, test.png is the icon for the Midlet Suite, and
test_1.png is the one for HelloMidlet1, and test_2.png for
HelloMidlet2. When being displayed in the Linux OS based phone, the
MIDlet Suite icon can self scale, however, the MIDlet icon cannot. On
Linux OS phones, if MIDlet-Icon has not been set, the png icon set in
MIDlet-1 will be the icon for both the Midlet Suite and HelloMidlet1.
And if no icon is in neither MIDlet-Icon or MIDlet-1, there won't be
icon to be displayed for the MIDlet Suite even you set one in MIDlet-2.

* A768, E680, and A780 can automatically scale the icons:

The typical size on A768 and E680 is 50x50. And on A780, the icon size is 68x43.

* A388c - 24x24, or smaller eg. 20x20, PNG, MIDlet-Icon

* Motorola Q - 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 22x22, 44x44

In addition to icon sizes of 16x16 and 32x32, application icon sizes
shall be 22x22 (small) and 44x44 (large). Sizes are needed depending on
the user preferred layout.

* Treo, Low Res, 22 x 22 and 9 x 15

* Tungsten & Zire, High Rez, 44 x 44 and 18 by 30

Sony Ericsson

* V800 - 24x24
* K700i - No Icon
* T610 - No Icon
* T616 - No Icon
* T618 - No Icon
* T628 - No Icon
* T630 - No Icon
* T637 - No Icon
* Z600 - No Icon
* Z608 - No Icon
* K500 - No Icon
* K506 - No Icon
* K508 - No Icon
* K608i - 16x16
* K700 - No Icon
* Z500 - No Icon
* S700 - No Icon
* S710a - No Icon
* W600i - 16x16
* W900 - 24x24
* JP4,5,6 - 16x16 recommended by SonyEricsson
* P800 - No icon
* P900 - No icon
* P910 - supports icons in various sizes and attempts to scale/adapt these to a size suitable for display. The icon size shouldn't matter, only that smaller ones might show up a bit jagged due to magnification.

See knowledge base article # 5867 at

* GX Series - 24x24


* D807 - 32x32 - Ignores 8-bit transparency, maybe 32-bit alpha would work
* E770 - 16x16
* Z140v - 24x24 - use 'web safe' colors at 8 bit (256 color)
* Z400 - 53x46 - (empirical)
* Z500 - 40x34
* ZX10,ZX20 - 42x36 - same as D807
* All Others - None

Vodafone Japan

* All - 24x24
* 905SH - 42x42
* 903SH - 42x42
* 902SH - 42x42
* 804SH - 42x42
* 705SH - 42x42
* 702SH - 42x42


* ? - 24x24


* 4920 - .9x09 pixels
* 5300 - 16x16 pixels
* 8100 - 15x15 pixels


* ? 14x14


* CU-500 - 15x15/16x16 pixels


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