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SUAS MapServer (PHPMyWMS), version 3.10 online Demo for Test!

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SUAS MapServer (PHPMyWMS), version 3.10 online Demo for Test!

Hi, folks,

SUAS MapServer 3.10.0218 beta1 is now prereleased for Test!
From now, PHPMyWMS is renamed as SUAS MapServer, the name SUAS comes from Stuttgart University Applied Science, it sounds also like [sju:as] "Show Us".

Please visit to test it.
But not all features are finished, if you find the bad link, that means the function has not been finished.
All ready finished:

WMS Demo
* GetCapabilities
* GetMap
* GetFeatureInfo
* DescribeLayer
*GetLegendGraphic (updated at  March 15,2007)
*GetStyles (updated at  March 15,2007)

WFS Demo
* GetCapabilities
* DescribeFeatureType(updated at  March 16,2007)
* GetFeature (updated at  March 21,2007)

Output map formats now, the VML, VRML and BMP are not supportted yet, but are on the way.

#GetLegendGraphic (support for vector legend image)
# GetGmlObject (on the way)
# Transaction

Demo map is Stuttgart city map, it has street, building, street train and forest, airport.....e.g. 20 layers.

Now you can use shape files with dbf files(attributes), MIF, E00 files as input source data,  and the data size has no more size limitaion under 2 Mb, you can also input the data files from your local computer.

The installation and configration system are still in testing, and you can refer to the help tips when you install SUAS map server.
If there are no problems, I will release it after 2 weeks! Thank Prof. Behr for the testing.