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New Feature 3D Navigation, SUAS MapServer 3.12.0513 beta1 released!

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New Feature 3D Navigation, SUAS MapServer 3.12.0513 beta1 released!

Hi, folks,
Maybe you have been waiting for this version for a long time. Everyday I fixed the bugs, and created new bugs. But I am pleasure to release new version here everytime, let us see which new feature has been added in SUAS.

3D Navigation:
I add one new request extension for WMS, which called getMap3D. Same with getMap25D, from the name you should get to know what kind of request it is. Yes, with it you can very very very easily create your 3D city map. It does not need any special 3D spatial data, you just need one VRML viewer such as BS Contact VRML/X3D viewer to view the result 3D map.
For old user please delete the featureclass table manually or recreate your metadata table in setting steps.

When you create metadata during the installation or setting, please set elevation for each layer. And go to Demo, select 3D Navigation. You can reset the elevatio again here.

Send request, 3D map will come!

Now there are still some unsolved problems, such as viewpoint, environment setting, sky angel.......

Fixed bugs:
1, imageantialias waring when the GD version has no such function
2, in Setting step can not select table after deleting the old tables.
3, Openlayers plugin path does not work
4, The demo page can not display the 2.5D or 3D navigation interface
5, GetStyle quest rendering error
6, css error for input text

1, E00 file input
2, PostGIS database support
3, WFS: GetGmlObject, and Transaction request, user can use mapInfo WFS service to modify the data in database directly.
4, SVG map viewer client, user could interact with MapServer
5, WCS service
6, Database backup function
7, 3D X3D map support.
8, 2.5D vector map support
9, GetThematicMap request

The source code can be download here,

The document for that I will add this week, enjoy and do not forget to report the bugs to me!



I've been using getMap3D, and it works fine for me.

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