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General Settings

Once you have created  the database and table, please fill the form. It is not an investigation to you, it is just the information about the map server, which will be displayed in the XML document from getCapabilities request. You can not fill them now and can edit these metadata in config.php (in suas directory) file later.

1. Please pay attention to finish Server Host with anti-slash "/".

2. Enable Stretch Map :
In the case that a GetMap request is made where the aspect ratio of the selected BBOX and the ratio of the WIDTH/HEIGHT parameters is different, the returned map will be stretched if Stretch Map is enabled. Otherwise the returned map will be in the center of the image with nochanging WIDTH/HEIGHT.
Example: BBox with 1000,1000, 2000,2000 and Width*Height is 640*480
Enable Stretch Map, the outputted map will be like this:

Disable Stretch Map, the outputted map will be like this:

3. Enable Cache :
Enable Cache will speed up the server request, it will store the temperary files of outputted map, XML or SQL query in folder cache. Please make sure that the cache folder in suas directory is writable.


In Toolkit Tips funcion will help you if you don't understand some setting and how to set the parameters, just move your mouse over the question mark.