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Data Import

Your database has been completely set up now and please choose one way to import the data:

If your data file size is smaller than the upload limitation of Host Server (parameter "upload_max_filesize" in php.ini), and the data file size is relative small (I suggested less than 4Mb), you could choose local files import.

Local Files Import:

1. SVG To Database

SRS is Spatial Reference System, for example: SRS:31467, which is used to define the geometries' reference system in SVG file. If you are not clear, you can left it with SRS_not_defined.

How to make such SVG file, please refer to Chapter: Data Processing.

2. CSV To Database

You should make sure that CSV file has the following standard format: id|layer|recid|geomtype|xmin|ymin|xmax|ymax|geom|svgxlink|srs|attributes|style

like this example:

In this example, the fields was terminated by ",", and the data use CSV header in the first line(yellow sector). Field enclosed and escaped should be left empty.

3. SHPTo Database

The DBF file import will store the attributes of geometries meanwhile storing geometries of SHP file. If your checkbox here is inactivive, please modify you php.ini file, delete the semicolon before extension=php_dbase.dll to open the Dbase PHP function. If you do not need metadata, just unselect it.

Remote Files Import:

If your data file size is larger than the upload limitation of Host
Server (parameter "upload_max_filesize" in php.ini), you must use Remote files Import; or the data file
size is less than the upload limitation but it is relative big (bigger than 4Mb), I suggest you could also choose Remote files Import.
Please upload the files into data (In SUAS MapServer directory) in Remote Server, using FTP tools such as CuteFTP. Do not make folder in data folder, just put files there.

If you upload files in data directory, the files will be listed in drop-down menu, select one to inmport. The other options are the same as explained before.


If your data files is relative big, for example, 10 Mbyte, Please open global.php file in SUAS directory, and find $maxTimeOutLimit, set it equal to one long time in seconds. This will avoid that the data processing maybe meet timeout exception. But you need run PHP not in safe mode.
Please open php.ini and set safe_mode to off.
safe_mode = Off

Just be patient to wait for the processing, do not interupt it.

If successful, you could select more data files to input. Maybe there is errors during the process, don't care of that, if you have time, please send the errors to us, to help us find the bugs.

If you has no more files to input, you MUST continue with Style Defination Option.