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javax.servlet.ServletException: Unknown initial character set index '48' received from server. Initial client character set can

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This week I reinstalled my system, and I found one J2EE Servlet project can not be run after I reinstalled all of the programming softwares and eclipse, this project does connect MySQL database(This project had no problem before). I got this Exception: javax.servlet.ServletException: Unknown initial character set index
'48' received from server. Initial client character set can be forced
via the 'characterEncoding' property.

 Strange, I went to ask my Google friend and I found those information:

JavaScript Prototype Library Make Google Maps Easily by GPlotter

No JavaScript programming, only need copying and a little compiling with XML data, you can also create your own Google Map. Work with JavaScript Prototype LibraryGPlotter can let you create Google Map in sevral lines of code, without any javascript knowledge.

"GPlotter is a Javascript object which provides a simple interface to plot
markers onto Google Maps using a simple XML file. The interface allows the user

Get the right amount number of rows and columns in MySQL with Java

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It is strange that there is no direct way to get the amount number of rows of records, when you programming with Java and MySql.  For example, now I get one result from one Sql quering, I can use this way to get the number of records:

One stupid code to tranfer the time String( such as 21.6.2007) to millisecond in J2ME

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In one task I need parse one time string just like 21.6.2007 to millisecond, and I found the Date API in J2ME is so poor that I can take milliseconds to Date easily but no way to do that conversly. And I write one stupid code to do that, but please notice,  this will return one inaccurate result because I have not taken care of leap year(too complex algrithmInnocent).

Here is the code:


Display Jpeg Image on Non-Jpeg-Supported Mobile Phone--Jpeg Decode and Encode

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If mobile phone does not support JPEG format image, how to display one jpeg image in it? It that possible?

Transfer Special Characters (Unicode) From Mobile Browser to Server

Currently I took one project, it is one POI search service, the user will visit the website of city guide in the mobile phone and search the POIs which are in some distance of his stand position, or he can find the special POIs, this search function could tell the user the direction and the distance from his position.

My work project -- Genis

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I am very busy currently for the projects in the company, I have no time to write my blog here in the past 2 months and to update the SUAS MapServer project. Here just recorded the my work projects what I have done in the company.


This is one GIS mobile management system for one city transport system. This company has already one desktop managerment system, they wanted to transit this system to the mobile device as the extension for the desktop system, so that their employees could use this system to manage and get the required information outdoor.

Carbide.j not found Problem after installed and integrated Carbide.j with Eclipse

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Last week I installed Carbide.j (1.5) and integrated with Eclipse (3.2), everything goes fine during the installation and I selected the right path for Eclipse. But after restarting the pc, and tried to run Eclipse that "Carbide.j not found..." popsup inevitably--
that in a small java window with that message alone and an Exit button..

Carbide.j not found from: C:/Carbide/Carbid

And nothing appears under Tools->Carbide.j appart from an "NDSAction" which doesnt do anything anyway if selected. The standalone Carbide can be run.


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