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CartoWeb--Powerful Open Source WebGIS Toolkit

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CartoWeb is a comprehensive and ready-to-use Web-GIS (Geographical Information System) as well as a convenient framework for building advanced and customized applications.
Developed by Camptocamp SA, it is based on the UMN MapServer engine and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Written using innovative language PHP5, CartoWeb is highly modular and customizable thanks to its object-oriented architecture. It runs evenly on Windows or Unix-like platforms and shows its real power when associated to PostgreSQL/PostGIS. CartoWeb support many functions which PHPMyWMS hasnt and plan to have. I must confess, CartoWeb is a pretty good WebGIS toolkit, it has realize many idea of mine, for example:
1, modular structure so that user can develop plugin for it, routing........

BeeldBlad, WMS client in Flash

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It seemed that WMS client could be written in any program language, whatever, VC, C++, C#, VB, J2SE, J2ME, PHP and so on. Ok, if you are tried of those languages, you can try BeeldBlad(Dutch for "image sheet"), which is written in Adobe Flash and can therefore be used by all kind of browsers.

BeeldBlad is an OGC Web Mapping Service (WMS) client to be used in web pages. It can be downloaded free of charge, so you can use it in your web mapping application. But it is not open source,pitty~~~

Mapbender--One amazing Webmap Client

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Mapbender is an Open Source Geospatial Foundation project and it is a powerful Webmap client. The users can zoom in, out, pan, click and query, turn layers on and off or add more cascade maps to overlap the existing map. You can also add new points to the map with the flag button, all Mapbender operators are invited to do so. There are many different possibilities to make use of maps, see some more examples in the Mapbender Gallery if you have interest.

Debugging von JSP und Java Anwendungen(T)

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Debugging von JSP und Java Anwendungen

Dieses Tutorial gibt einen Überblick wie man das integrierte Debugging Feature von Eclipse zum debuggen von Web-Projekten und anderen Projekten nutzt.



Sascha Wolski

Sebastian Hennebrüder – Tutorials für Struts, EJB, xdoclet und eclipse.


Debugging from JSP and Java Applications(T)

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This tutorial gives you an overview of how to use the debugging feature of eclipse to debug your web or Java projects.



Sascha Wolski

Sebastian Hennebrueder – Tutorials for Struts, JSF, EJB, Hibernate, xdoclet, eclipse and more.


January, 25 2005
Development Tools

Eclipse 3.x

MyEclipse plugin 3.8

XML 开发环境创建(转)

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XML 开发环境创建
学 习 XML 的最佳途经是从简单的开发入手,大胆实践,循序渐进。XML 的妙处只有在开发过程中才能深入体会,离开了开发是学不好 XML 的。因此学 习 XML 首先应该建立一个 XML 的开发环境。我给大家介绍一下怎样建立一个基于 Java 的 XML 开发环境。因为我现在没办法用到  Linux,所以所有的例子都是在 Windows 上做的。但是这里介绍的所有的软件在 Linux 和 Windows 上都是可以用的,用法也大 同小异。而且除了 Sun 的 JRE 以外都是 open source 软件,任何人都可以拿来做任何用途,甚至是商业目的的重新发行。JRE 也是 可以免费下载和使用的,只是没有源代码。如果您有在 Linux 上使用这些软件的经验,希望能贡献给大家。 

My 1st blog

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Hehe, this is my first blog after one whole day's hard working of configuration of this site. After the birth of EasyWMS in June, I was always bothered by the two things, doing projects and maintain the homepage. I have no time and energy to create hundreds of document of several projects for this site, whiling I am still considering the programming issues. That is a boring task :jawdrop:

So I am looking for one phptool, which could manager the blog, forum and pubish article easily, and I found CMS, Content Managerment System. At first I tried Typo3, but it is not compatible with MySQL4. Drupal is a very nice CMS, which has pretty interface, strong functions and funny plugins, they were called as Modules. Not advertisement, the CMS help me a lot to pull me out of the tough maintaince of website.


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